Application Features

Learn what CID has under the hood.

Intuitive Interface


CID’s intuitive interface is designed for IT professionals as well as non-technical users. With CID you can easily diagnose computers in your network and prevent future errors. Manage whether you receive alerts on your computer, by text or email. CID is designed to make computer monitoring quick and effective, limiting the time your computers are down.

Star Visualization


CID translates each of your networked computers into a star and displays your entire network as a starfield, providing a comprehensive overview of all your computers in one glance. Four key computer stats are collected to give a broad scope of each computer: hard drive space, physical memory, virtual memory and pagefile.

Vital Computer Health Data


CID collects more than 30 different data points from each of your computers allowing IT professionals to effectively monitor each computer. The Star Visualization page provides a holistic understanding of all of your networked computers and the Detailed Information page reveals more nuanced information that aids in analysis and error prevention.

Error Identification


Prevent errors using the Analytics menu to create thresholds tailored to your networked computers. Thresholds can be set for hard drive space, physical memory, virtual memory and pagefile. If any of these properties exceed your desired limit, CID will alert you in the application, by text or email.

Customize and Manage Alerts


Choose what type of alerts to receive and when to receive them. As an administrator you can customize whether CID users receive diagnostic alerts as pop-up messages within the application, as texts on their mobile phones, or as an email. CID’s Alert menu allows you to easily manage your alert preferences based on your network’s needs.

Prioritize your time


Stay focused on your day to day operations with the peace of mind that CID will alert you to potential computer errors.

Secure Data Access


CID takes security seriously. He makes sure all data is sent through a secure channel and all passwords used to access CID are protected.

Custom Users


Create multiple users in the User menu that can actively monitor your network. Users can be given either administrative or general privileges.

Simple Install


CID uses a small .exe file to gather health information from your computers. Once the file is installed, your computers report their health to the application immediately.